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Re: [A/S] Tow vehicle buying services


Being old, or at least old-er, I remember the days when salespersons avoided scruffy customer, then as years passed, began to check out shoes as scruffy clothing but good shoes gave a person away as having some money. Nowadays, at least in our area, with so many people winning lotteries and so many computer nerds striking it rich, any salesperson with a brain treats even the homeless as prospective customers. I never dress for success when dealing for an automobile. Jeans and a Harley T-Shirt, with a leather jacket and jack boots are my normal garb, and I ain't changing it to attract sales people. Motorcycle dealerships don't slight me, so car dealers better not if they want my business. I have to admit, I have never been made to feel uncomfortable, or undervalued at a car dealership, so maybe some of them have learned a thing or two over the years. Now, if only memory did not go with age, I would be on top of the world, lol.

> Anne Pearse Hocker wrote: "I just don't think I'm ready for a franchise dealership again."
> and Hunter replied " ..... in jeans and an old ski parka. I stopped at the Mercedes dealer in Greenwich and went inside.....

and Jim Whitworth <dadswhitsend@...> wrote:
> I seem to remember Joan Baez (sp?) had the same experience with a Jag dealership. In the same kind of clothes, nobody would show her
> the time of day, so she scooted up on the hood of the car & the sales staff came running, assuming the rivets in her jeans would scratch the
> car's paint. I don't remember now if she bought or swaggered out.

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