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Re: [A/S] Tow vehicle buying services


They better pay attention to the little woman too.

I decided on the car to get, took myself and the two kids in to look at
it and was all but thrown out of the dealership. He, the salesman in
the white buck shoes ( no , really) told me to come back with my husband.

I came back with my husband, and the shoes nearly wet himself trying to
sell him a car I didn't want. Finally, my husband told the guy it was
my car and I could have what I wanted and walked out. The kids and I
went back to our car shopping with the shoes in close attendance, but
embarrassed silence. He didn't even go with us on the test drive. I
did buy that car, but not there. The kids and I barely restrained
ourselves from getting sticky chocolate all over the showroom in revenge.

It makes no sense at all to discourage a possible customer, no matter
what a long shot they may look like. And besides, it's bad manners.


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