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Re: [A/S] Progress and a couple questions


On 4/30/2012 5:09 PM, ray bee wrote:
> 1. After a good bit of analysis, I have concluded that the late 60's through 70's 27' Overlander
> Double really meets all the basic needs I have for a trailer. The 25' Tradewind Double is a
> close second. The weight on the Overlander is roughly 2/3 of the 6600LB rated capacity of the
> Suburban, which leaves a comfortable safety factor. Essentially I am working on the assumption
> that it is a lot better, to have a little extra space, than to not have quite enough.>

Yes, its good to stay under your Suburban's tow weight rating....

2. The competing idea, is to go 'whole hog' and get one of the 34' triple axle Airstreams, that is a
generation newer. (Mid 80's early 90's) I've often see these monsters priced surprisingly close to
the 25-27' units, while appearing to be in better condition and obviously having much newer decor.
That essentially cuts down on what I have to do to repair and refurbish a smaller, older trailer.
It also puts me in a position of having to pay a company, to move the thing. I am figuring that the
'hurricane risk' can be reduced by insurance, Of course, the major up-side is I have a lot more
room, while probably not spending all that much more money. Actually, I have seen some layouts,
on the 34's that would require near zero, in terms of modifications.

I'd appreciate comments on my ideas. I'd particularly like to know if there are any
'glitches' in the 34' units. I gather they have the redesigned frames that eliminated the
sag and separation problems. In any case, I am planning to take my little pop up, move,
pick a spot I like then buy the trailer locally, in the Tampa Bay area. I am not looking
for my first time out to be a cross country tow.

I can't imagine wanting a trailer that someone else has to pull for me... if you want a 34 get a bigger truck.....


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