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Re: [A/S] Progress and a couple questions


Mitch, that is certainly a good observation and I could see me going in that
direction. It looks like the weight difference is maybe 200-300#, depending
on the year. A 28'-29' is a fair increment up from a 26'-27'. I zeroed in on the 
27' Overlander because it was a good bit bigger than the 25' Tradewind, which 
I had figured as being the minimum that would be viable, for me. It is definitely
something to think about.

From: Mitch Hill <fmhill@capcod.org>
To: AirstreamList@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2012 6:39 PM
Subject: Re: [A/S] Progress and a couple questions

Its two feet longer for only a slight increase in weight and tows like a
dream with a half ton pickup and probably better with a suburban.

When I acquired my 1964 Ambassador International Twin, I was looking at
a 1965 Tradewind and several of the the Overlander trailers and found a
much better deal on this Ambassador... In hindsight after owning the
Ambassador for more than a decade, I would not give it up for a smaller
trailer. At the time I purchased it I was driving a 1986 Ford F150 4x4
with the 300ci cast iron straight 6 with a new process 4 speed
transmission and towed this Ambassador with that truck very comfortably
for more than 5 years. And then in 2007 I purchased a 12,000 GVW
enclosed cargo trailer for transporting a diesel tractor/loader and the
F150 had to be retired for a Ford F350 Turbo Diesel 4x4 out of necessity
for a combined GVW in the neighborhood of 20,000 lbs... And the F350
doesn't know the Airstream is behind it when towing the Airstream...

One big advantage to the Ambassador is plenty of roof space for 420
watts of SOLAR panels and room for more if I decided to increase the
capacity as I like boondocking, I'm not into RV resorts and I have
plenty of space for Satellite TV and two computers for my CAD and
digital photography image processing ...

Mitch Hill

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