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Re: [A/S] mattress & bumper sticker


We just purchased a 10" memory foam mattress from Sams and are surprised how
comfortable it is. When we refinished our Airstream a few years ago we got
a king sized three piece foam mattress from Knox Foam. It was nearly $1K
but was well worth the investment. Absolutely the best mattress we have
slept on. The mattress we got from Sams was for another camper. Tried to
get another from Knox, but could not find them, apparently they are out of
business. Web site is gone and the phone number is no longer valid. The
new one we purchased was the 10" Night Therapy Pressure Relief Memory Foam -
Queen # 657314. Total cost delivered was on $314. It had great reviews and
the price was very reasonable compared to similar products. I highly
recommed the mattress and suggest you ditch the 2" foam rubber pad you are
NFI, just very satisfied.

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Does anyone have any suggestions, for having a foam mattress made?
I finally got my interim trailer on the road for a test and found the
built in sleeping pad to be PAINFULLY inadequate. Basically I need
maybe a 3-4" pad to go over a 2" permanently mounted, way too soft,
foam rubber pad. Otherwise, the maiden voyage of my temporary
home, to be, appears to be a success.

I just ordered a bumper sticker that says,

I Want To Be An

To appreciate this, picture it on the back of a 40"X 60" mini pop-up
trailer, that looks more like a large ice chest on 2 lawn mower wheels,
than a RV. Now think of it being pulled behind a '95 Suburban. The
trailer is a Kompact Kamp Mini-Mate, weighing about 300#. With a
couple strong backs, I could just pick it up and slide it inside the
Any suggestions for a mattress will be appreciated.

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