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RE: [A/S] 1995 28' Excella kitchen exterior sink glass


Of course it depends on your coverage but our broken roadside window on our
68 Ambassador that shattered last summer on our across the country trip was
covered by Progressive. Our window is curved with a frame. They covered
the breakage and we have no idea what happened. It was intact in Nebraska
and was gone when we got to Rawlins, Wyoming...the inside screen kept most
of the glass out of the interior.

Now taping up the window for the 1000 more miles we had to go wasn't easy.
Duct tape peeled right off on I 80 with 35 mile an hour headwinds...we
pulled over and used clear package sealing tape..make a big X across the
window and then tape to the X...the problem is that with the window gone
there isn't anything to tape to....Making an X may be obvious to most folks
but not to us


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Is this type of breakage usually covered by insurance?

Jerry 4404

At 10:00 AM 10/8/2012, you wrote:

>On Oct 8, 2012, at 12:56 AM, tim.morrow wrote:
>.. the ext. kitchen window was shattered..
>Anyone else have a window mysteriously
>shatter? Any ideas where to get one, local
>glass shop maybe? I know its a dark tinted
>window that is curved on the edges. I have read
>of some people replacing their broken windows with lexan or plexiglass.
>Hi Tim,
>Yes, I've had similar experiences. The windows
>are "safety glass" (as required by vehicle code)
>and it brakes up into little pieces that look
>like rock salt. A stone flipped by your
>lawnmower could do it or if it has a scratch it
>might fall apart for no apparent reason at
>all. I had one brake when the wind slammed it shut.
>I think the factory in Jackson Center, OH may
>still had replacement glass for that
>year. Unfortunately they will not ship to an
>individual and some dealers charge 100% mark-up
>on parts the customer specials orders. If you
>are anywhere near the Factory, I'de take it
>there and have it done right the first time. I
>personally feel that plastic is a bad idea
>except as a temporary replacement.
>Tony, in Perry, GA for a few days.
>2000 Airstream Classic 28'
>2009 Chevy Duramax / Allison

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