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Re: [A/S] Tow vehicle buying services


Jerry Flanders wrote:
> I have a dually, a 2003 Dodge diesel 3500 long bed.
> I hate parking it in a crowded parking lot, but otherwise it is the
> _ideal_ two vehicle. When I first put it on the road with my 34 FT AS
> and my reese hitch, I was amazed at the stability - apparently the
> extra four tire sidewalls add enough stiffness to make it ride as if
> the whole rig was on rails.
> I have used many different tow vehicles in over 40 years of towing
> travel trailers, and this one is the best ever.>

I have a one ton SRW and I can't argue.... I adore this truck.... in
spite of what happened. )c:

I just wouldn't want to have to buy six 18" or 20" inch tires at once.
> Don't know if the tow capacity is actually lower - I think I have not
> heard that before. Maybe lower by the amount of the weight of the extra wheels?
Yes, the more the truck weighs the less the tow capacity.

The heaviest Airstream isn't a challenge though.


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